Philly League Crowns a new Champ

BaconsharkThe hottest RPS city on the planet is without a doubt Philadelphia. This is in a large part due to neverending commitment of the legendary C. Urbanus (editor note: why has he not trademarked this name yet?) who runs the league. Last weekend saw the PBRRPSCL (Pabst Blue Ribbon Rock Paper Scissors City League) host its finals after months of qualifying play and none other than Baconshark of Team David Bowie's Package came out on top. 

The Philly City league website has an amazing synopsis of the entire evenings competition, so we will just pass you along to their website

We at Think Three we very encouraged that Mr. Baconshark is considering a World Rock Paper Scissors Championships appearance:

I look forward to the 2008 season and perhaps a World Championship appearance, and send thanks C. Urbanus for giving us all the opportunity to drink cheap beer and play leisure sports for large sums of money.