Philly League Event on Wednesday

PhillyThis in from our friends st the RPS Philly League. Check out their site if you  woudl like to read it straight from them


As many of you well know by now, Wednesday, August 23rd will be the PBRPRPSCLCS August International World Championship Warm Up.  This is the first off-season action of the year, so we here at City League HQ are expecting a full bracket of wild, if not rusty, RPS playing dogs (dogs in that way, not that way).  The marketing division e-mailed many of you, but forgot to mention the $5 entry fee.  There will be a $5 entry fee.

The PBRPRPSCLCSAIWCWU will take place at Whiskey Dix Saloon, home of the 2006 City League Championship.  Competition will be limited to 64 players with a winner take all prize of $200 provided all 64 spots are filled ($3 of every entry fee goes to the prize).  City League players are allowed to register in advance by sending an e-mail to urbanus(at) but have to be on-hand by 8:15 before the tickets are released to the public.  The rest of the competition slots are first come first serve.  There’s also a $2 spectator fee, but these folks can still win the street RPS prize (see below).

There will be street RPS going on with a prize of $50.  Listen up for an announcement of when street money must be turned in.  There will be no “I didn’t hear” or “I just wanted to finish one more game” exceptions.    

The competition begins at 9 PM sharp, with registration beginning at 7:45 PM.  

We at the PBRPRPSCLCS are just as excited about getting back into the swing of things as all the competitors, so hope to see you at the PBRPRPSCLCSAIWCWU.

REMINDER:2006 International World Championships will be held November in Toronto with a prize purse of $10,000.  Full details of that can be found at

ALSO: Details on the 2nd Annual Keystone Classic coming soon.