Reason #10 – What Rolling Stone Said

Reason #10Our ongoing series of why you need to be at the 2007 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships in Toronto on October 13th.

 Reason #10: Because of what Rolling Stone Said

Don't take our word for how much fun the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships listen to what Rolling Stone Magazine said about it :

The RPS Championship is like a high-stakes Star Trek convention, but with binge drinking and better-looking women. One fan favorite is a mesmerizing twenty-one-year-old blonde known as Force of the Fist. Last year, clad in lowrider jeans and distracting lacy panties, she was the highest-finishing female. Tonight, Force of the Fist wears a tight, pink dirty bird shirt and is flanked by teammate the Ba , a guy wearing a neoprene glove with a built-in beer holder "to keep my playing hand warm." A third teammate, twenty-six-year-old Fistful o' Sneer , carries a measuring tape to psych out opponents by measuring the correct distance between their throwing hands. (According to the official RPS tournament rules at, this is "no less than one cubit and no more than two cubits.")

Ken Hegan – Rolling Stone Magazine 

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