Reason #2

Reason#2The World RPS Society is proud to release the 2nd execution in our new Reasons to attend the World RPS Championships campaign.

Reason #2: Best Excuse Ever for a Road Trip.

A road trip to the World RPS Championships is a trip that you and your friends will remember for years to come. Last year, more Americans came to Toronto to compete than any other single country (including the host country Canada). That means their were a heck of a lot of road trips happening. In our experience the best road trips are when you have a strong central focus and what better to focus to have than on having one of your tripmates leave a World Champion (which, incidentally is Reason #1)

If have someone that needs some convincing, snatch this jpeg and send it their way. Or send them here where we are collecting the whole series.

Or even better than that, buy them a ticket now.