Reason #4 – Street RPS

Reason #4Our ongoing series of why you need to be at the 2007 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships in Toronto on October 13th.

 Reason #4: Street RPS is Winner take all!

Ever since the Worldrps Society developed Street RPS as a competition within the competition the atmosphere has never been the same at the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships. You can't help but get swept up in the constant buzz and high energy as hundreds and hundreds of side games are played to find out who can collect the most RPS bucks and win the $1000 cash prize. We call iStreet RPS the social lubricant of the World RPS Championships as anyone has a great excuse to walk up to anyone else and challenge them to a game. By the time you have played a few matches you will feel like you already made some fast friends and by the end of the night you will feel like you know everyone in the room. So even if you don't end up winning the Street RPS competition, you still win because you will have met a pile of fun people.

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