Rock Paper Tortilla

California TortillaNow here is a restaurant promotion we can get into.

California Tortilla is running a promotion this Wednesday June 20 where customers get to challenge the cashier to a game of RPS and if the customer wins they receive $1 off of their meal. 

California Tortilla is already a winner in our book as this promotion seems to be getting a lot of good press attention. Good for them. They have a history of running more inventive promotions. Our favourite (other than the current one) is without a doubt: Monday Night Mystery Prize Burrito Wheel

Nancy Szoken of the Washington Post covered this promotion with a fun little article that tries to help consumers with a little strategic advice. And where do they get their advice from? Let's just say we are too humble to say but if you could see our faces you would be sure to see us blushing just a little bit 😉