RPS Australia New Zealand join The World RPS League

NZ Flag Aussie Flag

The World RPS Society would like to announce the formation of the World Rock Paper Scissors League. The first two countries joining the league will be the Australian Rock Paper Scissors Championships and the ihug New Zealand Rock Paper Scissors Championships . In signing on to become fully sanctioned events they will be sending their competitors to Toronto to compete for the title of World Champion of Rock Paper Scissors this fall.

In recognition of the great accomplishment of winning a WRPSS sanctioned National Championship event, both the Australian and New Zealand National champions will be provided advanced standing at the World RPS Championships.

A limited number of seeded spots have been put aside for qualifying sanctioned events. If you think your event is deserving of such distinction please look at the sactioning details.

Australia LogoFor further information on the Australia event go to RPS Austrailia






New Zealand Logo

For further information on the New Zealand event go to RPS New Zealand




Qualifying play starts in early June for both events.