RPS Battle of Wits

battlebotsrpsKnow how to program a bot? Dig RPS? Then this link is for you . David Bau has created a RPS Bot Arena inspired by Darse Billing's now legendary Roshambot programing competition. if you are looking for a computer-simulated strategy testing area, this is a great place to go as you can try out your algorithm in 10, 100 or even 1000 seperate games.

The arena provides a rendevous server for pairs of bots, and tracks games and keeps score. I have used Ed Pegg's suggestion to score games in a non-zero-sum way. There is a penalty for ties so that purely random play is at a disadvantage.

The scoring system for the Battle of Wits uses the Sicilian Scoring system:

the winner of each throw gets two points and the loser loses one point, and the the average number of points per throw is shown. If there is a tie, both lose a point, so the honest random player will inevitably come out empty-handed over time. 

Bots Ready…Throw!