RPS Doc Short


A lot of people are wondeing what has ever become of the RPS documentary that began filming 4 years ago. Well, we hope to an update soon, but in the meantime, a group of Humber College students created a great short a few years back that is a great profile of the World RPS Championships and includes some of the greats of sport including, Team Smoot, DC Gambit, Mr. C. Urbanus, Rob Krueger, Pete Lovering, and custardchuk. The father's of the modern age of the sport, Graham and Douglas Walker, are also interviewed.

It starts out a little, how will we say, cheesy, but once you get past the initial intro, it is a great fun to watch and really well executed. We trust they received a A grade for their effort.

A particularly heartfelt moment occurs later on as the camera captures Urbanus's reaction to his hurtful 2004 season ending match.