RPS Documentary Sells Out Again

Sold Out Again

Although we hate to disappoint, we must admit that it is a nice feeling to find out that the feature Documentary Rock Paper Scissors: A Geek Tragedy by Mike McKeown has once again sold out* of advanced tickets at the Victoria Film Festival.Not only that, but it is listed as the "Most Visited Film" and is 2nd most "Top Scheduled Film" on the Buzz section of the festival's website.

Is it simply the subject matter of RPS that is causing it to be the must-see film wherever it plays or is word getting around that it is actually a darn good film (see trailer here). We know it is the later, but we are guilty of being 100% biased. What will be interesting will be to see how the viewers rate the film afterwards.(In Calgary, it received an amazing 4.9 out of 5 stars over 131 votes).

Principle subjects Douglas and Lisa Walker will be in attendance along with Producer Pat McKinnon and the esteemed Director himself Mike McKeown. 

UPDATE: Here is a review of the movie from the Victoria News. full article here 

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Ont)

At first the documentary about the Walker brothers who take the childhood game rock, paper, scissors (RPS) to new heights, feels like a mockumentary. There is the chain-smoking recruiter, the bathrobe-wearing playboy whose game strategy involves becoming “one with the rock,” and the two brothers who dream of the game becoming a money-making sport.

But quickly the surprising twists and turns of life divulge the realness behind the innocence of the game. The journey parallels watching a rock band get its feet wet. There is fame, glory and fierce competition. Get to the theatre early or you’ll be playing RPS for tickets.

* * * * (4 Star Rating)

*As always at festivals, a number a left aside for rush seating so you can still get in if you want to line up