RPS goes Electronic…why?

Electric RPSIf there are any two things in this world that we at Think Three love more than anything else it would have to be RPS and gadgets. So you would think that if someone were to combine those two elements we would be all over it like that proverbial fat kid on a Smartie. But no, not this time. This has to be the most beyond useless electronic version of RPS we have ever seen. All a player gets to do is press the button and a throw will be randomly generated for them. We feel truly sad for any parents that buy this toy expecting it to provide any more than  3 seconds of enjoyment (long enough to take it out of its packaging and throw it in the garbage).

But don't take our word for it a lot of blogs are chiming in about this game and we have collect a few snippets from our favourite reviews:

Electronic Rock Paper Scissors is a waste of technology…If you go ahead and buy this, just consider the $9 a stupidity tax SciFi.com

It's probably the lamest electronic game ever developed. Whatmobile.net

Really idiotic electronic game Albert's Blog

Somebody actually took the time to create this electronic version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Business Gear Live 

I seriously wonder which parent or guardian in their right mind would actually spend $8.89 on a set of these devices just because their kids are too spoilt to actually use their fingers Ubergizmo 

How about too lazy to use your own hands to play rock-paper-scissors? Rising Sun of Nihon

Incapable of making a fist, an open palm or a peace sign? Try this electronic Rock Paper Scissors gadget. Gizmodo

Somebody actually took the time to create this electronic version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”  Gear Live 

you and a really bored friend can get your RPS on in high-tech style! Gigglesugar