RPS Puzzle Fun

Rubik RPSMartin Burley from New Zealand recently posted an excellent puzzle in the World RPS Bullboards.  

Here's an RPS puzzle to tickle people's brain cells… I think it's pretty fiendish, but it can be solved, I promise!

Midnight Rider, C. Urbanus, The Saint and custardchuk decided to play each other in a knock-out tournament. The semi-finals and the final were all straightforward best-of-threes. You have to figure out who played who, and they all threw, from the clues below.

1. Midnight Rider's favourite throw was Paper.
2. No-one opened with Scissors.
3. Urbanus lost his semi-final.
4. One match was over after two throws.
5. The triple gambit thrown wasn't the Toolbox.
6. Fistful o' Dollars proved to be a winning gambit.
7. Only one player in the semi-finals repeated his opening throw.
8. Urbanus never threw Scissors.
9. Midnight Rider started with a Crescendo.
10. There was only one tied throw.
11. Custardchuk threw all three throws (Rock, Paper, and Scissors).


Check out the bullboard to get some hints if you need them 

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