RPS Strategy Guide

The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide

By Douglas and Graham Walker


The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide bookAvailable now in North American, UK and Australian bookstores. Makes a perfect gift for any RPS enthusiast.

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Don’t even think about competing before consulting The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide (Fireside Original/A Division of Simon & Schuster; October 12, 2004; 0-7432-6751-6).

Rock Paper Scissors (RPS)—the ultimate decision-making tool—is the game you played as a child to determine who went fi rst in dodge ball or who got the last piece of candy. Today the ancient game is becoming a social phenomenon and this time it’s for adults. In The Offi cial Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide Douglas and Graham Walker, the leaders of the World RPS Society, educates readers on the following:

The History of RPS: The first known proto-RPS game was played widely by early Homo-sapiens around 5000 B.C. They used it to resolve food and mating disputes.

  • Basic Strategies: Readers will learn the importance of using gambits, a series of three successive moves made with strategic intention. As with chess players, no strategic repertoire is complete without learning gambits. With names like The Avalanche, Fist Full of Dollars and Scissor Sandwich, readers will learn how to wield these with devastating results.
  • Gamesmanship: Gamesmanship concentrates on positioning the players for victory. What separates RPS from other sports is the extent to which gamesmanship is a factor in even the most casual play. Effective gamesmanship allows the player to deceive an opponent into making a predictable throw or have them miscalculate one’s next throw. The key to successful gamesmanship is never to let the opponent realize that he is being manipulated.
  • RPS enthusiasts will also learn advanced strategies, crucial for those playing above the level of the recreation player, which throws are illegal and (because RPS is very dull when played alone) instructions on how to set up local RPS clubs and tournaments.

The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide is one of a kind. It’s for anyone interested in competing at the amateur or professional level or for those who just want to learn the best way to settle their disputes. Flipping a coin is for tossers.