Second Annual North Pole Classic Results

2006 North Pole Classic Winner Ragnhild Klingshelm From Geir Arne Brevik (Norway):

It’s a great honour to bring the results from the just finished RPS tournament here in Longyearbyen, on the city’s 100th anniversary day. This little community gathered together 36 of it’s finest RPS talents, and today we crowned a new champion: Ragnhild Klingsheim. The female dominance in Arctic RPS continues, with two women competing for the trophy. Ragnhild won 3-1 in set points in the final, after some close matches in the preliminary rounds. Ms. Klingsheim is the first competitor to qualify for the Norwegian national finals this September.

Today was not only a great day for Norwegian RPS, as Australia did very well, represented by their well-known player Clayton ‘Chuck’ Dwyer – currently the only professional RPS player to compete on three continents and both hemispheres.

Mr. Dwyer made it through to the final eight, eventually losing to one of the finalists. Chuck’s reputation for not playing well against women continues, but he promises to work on his tactics for next year’s North Pole Classic.

It’s zero degrees centigrades, but the hearts beat warmly for Arctic RPS.