Start your Training.

Dr. Todd No sooner than the rumours of the coming World Rock Paper Scissors Championships surface do we hear stories of competitors starting their training programs. As reported by CBS News show Watercooler, Dr. Todd Weiland of South Dakota who was a top 64 finisher in 2005 is interviewed about training for the 2006 event.

We must say that given the secrecy of most training programs, we find it rather strange that a competitor would go public with such a fierce training program so early. Peaking too early being the obvious issue. Then again, perhaps this is all a ruse to trick other competitors into a panic training program which will cause them to peak too early. All we can say is that Dr. Todd has officially opened the Gamemanship can of worms for the 2006 RPS season. Let the Gamesmanship begin!

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Side note:  Once again, retired player Master"Turncoat" Rosh manages to find his way into the report even when it has nothing to do about him thus proving that he is the most overexposed player (or rather ex-player) on the circuit.