Street RPS Strategy Session #1

street rpsMaster Roshambollah has provided some very interesting insight on the WRPSS bullboard into some of the different strategies of Street RPS. Seeing that there is a $1000.00 Street RPS competition that takes places as part of the 2006 World Championships , this is very timely information indeed. (note: this post has been abridged slightly) If you would like to view the full post and comments you can find it here on the bullboard

This elementary treatise does not pretend to deal with the multitudinous problems (personal, financial, legal and moral) associated with real Street RPS. Instead I will focus on some basic strategies for "legitimate" Street RPS, typically played at large tournaments with fake RPS "bucks."

How can one succeed in this sort of environment? Other than the fundamentals of sound play, here are some ideas that are bound to improve your game.

The Basic Hustle

This is too complex of a subject to cover in full, and could fill many books. The premise is to set up one’s opponent for a future loss by playing below one’s level on the opening match. For example, one may bet only one buck, or nothing on an opening match, and lose. The next match is played for higher stakes, since the opponent now has a false sense of superiority. The Minneapolis based Team Hustler specializes in this tactic, and I am told they offer weekend seminars on the subject ("Amazing Real Life Experience!" their brochure states. Contact the Reverend Roshambo via PM for more info.) It goes without saying that the Basic Hustle combines very well with the Urbanus Defense.

Bet It All

The player using this strategy seeks maximum gain on every match, and always bets as much money as he or she has. This strategy has obvious pitfalls for the unwary; lose one match and you’re out. However, it combines very well with the Reeves Approach ("Always choose the winning throw", named after Kat Reeves, famed RPS player against whom I’ve competed on three different continents.) Rare is the player who is the equal to this style.

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