Students plan to take over Google playing RPS.

rpgForget the Million dollar homepage , these two students have hatched a plan to make a $120 Billion Dollar takeover of by challenging shareholders to put up one share of google against their RPS skillz. The plan (at least on Paper) is simple:

We travel to various stockholders willing to play us in "rock, paper, scissors" for one share of google stock per game. If we win, we get one share of google. If they win, they get the satisfaction of knowing that they beat some college punk in RPS

Where things get rocky (at least from our perspective) is how they plan on traveling all over the US to play these games without spending more than the share is worth. Thankfully, they plan on sharing video of the matches they play so we at Think Three can keep up on the action.

As far as creative uses of RPS goes, this plan is at least assured to get  a nomination in the Smallsoa Award for Outstanding Creative Uses of RPS category at the annual Smallsoa Outstanding Achievements in RPS Awards. We wish them all all the best in their quest and we hope that they have at least purchased a copy of the Official RPS Strategy Guide

You can check out their blog here Rock Paper Google