Super Bowl RPS Dud

SuperbowlWatch the Super Bowl last night? See an RPS ad the seemed oddly familiar? Bud Lite, in typical fashion, has once again co-opted RPS and ended up with a very poorly executed and derivative output. Witness their RPS ad vs. an Older Seirra Mist ad that used the exact same premise.

– Two people, One icy cold beverage

– A call for RPS to be played

– The loser becomes the winner by defying the rules

 In our view, the Seirra Mist ad is better on absolutely all counts. Scripting, Acting, Comedic Effect, Outcome and a bonus mark of Originality for coming up with the idea first. And the fact that Bud paid millions of dollars to air an also-ran idea on the Super Bowl which is biggest advertising platform in the world, not to mention the only televised event where people actually look forward to commercials, just shows how creatively challenged they are.

Bud, when you borrow other people's ideas, the trick is to at least make them better, not worse. 

What do you dear readers think? Did Bud miss the mark or was the comic genius of a Rock to the Head missed by us?

UPDATE: Seems the New York post agrees with us with their article called King of Ad lifters  We would like to thank ourselves for breaking this story