The Sweetest L’il Rock

Thea's first RockSo players often wonder why Rock is considered the most popular throw. That one that we rely upon in those times when we are, down, frazzled, or backed into a corner. 

Well, we submit the following photo as proof that Rock is primal, instinctual and darn golly cute.

Little Thea Audrey Walker pictured here is only three weeks old yet her mastery of this throw is undeniable. While most of her life so far has been about eating, pooping and sleeping, the newest Junior RPS'str in town seems to be dreaming of future battles won and lost. With trusty Janken Master Domo at her side, you are no doubt looking at a future champ!

Note: This post has been written by an overly tired and proud father as a way of making a rather cryptic baby announcement.