World Championship Team Update

TeamsMore teams than ever have registered for the 2006 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships. This year, as a way of helping with the line congestion at the beginning of the evening, the World RPS Society will be allowing a team   with a least 5 pre-registered members to select a representative to pick up their team packages up beginning at 4pm on the afternoon of the event

We feel that this will be a benefit all players as it will mean a smaller line up for everyone. And don't worry, if your team still has members who have not signed up, we won't close the list until closer to the event.

Currently, the following teams qualify to pick up their packages early. 

L'Escouade Tactile
BJs for Spanky
Team Smoot
Rolling Papers
Rowan RPS Society
Dead Money
El Puno Guapo
Team Petra
Balls Deep
Fingers of Mass Destruction
Team Paper
Team Norway Vikings