RPSing with Myself

There seems to be a never ending quest to somehow improve on the game of Rock Paper Scissors, or find ways to play without actually engaging with another human being. The proliferation of Facebook apps, texting RPS, mobile phone games and new throws are doing a pretty good job trying to line RPS for the great jump over the shark tank.

So while the internal geek that lives inside of every serious RPS player should be fascinated with the concept a t-shirt that uses augmented reality to simulate an RPS match, the purists will no doubt be a litle shaken by the potential implications. See the demo below:



Elite Invasion!

2009 Champion Tim "Captain America" Conrad

2009 Champion Tim "Captain America" Conrad

Tim Conrad and the “Elite 47” Dominant  at the Dance, Yanis repeats as Street RPS Champion!

How often have you played your best friend in RPS? A thousand throws. Ten thousand throws? For every last piece of pizza and shotgun seat? Now how often have you played your best friend for a World Championship in front of a record crowd with $7,000 on the line? That was the unlikely finish to an amazing 2009 Yahoo! Rock Paper Scissors World Championships as Tim Conrad took the championship in an head-to-head showdown with his teammate and lifelong best friend Tom Butkin. Decked out in a patriotic muscle suit, Conrad waded through the sold out crowd of 512 competitors in Toronto to end up having to face his teammate and fellow Michigander in one last duel. It was a dominant performance by Conrad who combined a scissors-exclusionary strategy with a lethal Avalanche – Bureaucrat combination to win a decisive victory in straight sets. However the clear victors were “The Elite 47” who claim the first all-American final, the first all-team final, and the highest overall team finish ever.

It speaks to the depth of this years competition that this amazing story was just one of many surprises the night held, including the repeat of Toronto Canada’s Yanis as Street Champion. After the street championship in 2007 and a top-16 finish in 2008 Yanis built a truly epic stake of street winnings for one last match to take the $1,000 street prize, where he noted that he’s posted almost all of his strategies and theory on the society’s own Bullboard.

It was a night of 1,000 stories and we hope the over 900 competitors and spectators who joined us for this unforgettable night took home one of their own. We also welcome you to share your photographs and thoughts on this years tournament by e-mail to champs@worldrps.com

To all pro RPS athletes in Toronto – and around the world – and to 2009  World Champion Tim Conrad we congratulate you on throws well played. This dance truly brought down the house.

2009 Yahoo! Rock Paper Scissors World Championships
Toronto, Canada

1st Set
R – R
R – P
R – S
P – R

2nd Set
R – S
P – P
P – P
P – R

Welcome to the “Dance of Hands”!

Less than 32 Hours to a new World Champion!

Less than 32 Hours to a new World Champion!



  • Welcome pro RPS athelets from across the world to lovely Toronto, Canada for the “Dance of Hands”, the 2009 Yahoo! World Rock Paper Scissors Championship! We here at the society wish that you all have a memorable World Championships weekend.
  • At the moment there are a very small number of competitor tickets available at the door for $40. These will sell out quickly so we encourage competitors who do not have a ticket to arrive as early as possible at the Steamwhistle. Doors open to the public at 7pm and those in line will be first come first served for the remaining competition slots. Spectator tickets for $20 are available at the door.
  • Because some competitors have asked, the WRPS is officially supporting #rps09 as the official Twitter tag for this year’s tournaments, we look forward to seeing competitors reports from the field!

2009 World RPS Championships

Be the World Champion - November 14, 2009

Be the World Champion - November 14, 2009


There had been whispers, rumors, hushed conversations in darkened alleyways. Now there is a date, a location, and a goal. The "Dance of Hands" returns to the historic Steam Whistle brewery on Saturday, November 14th, 2009. Mark your calendars, book your travel, and start your training because competitor tickets are available… now.

2009 Rookie Referee Applications Now Open

The few. The Proud. The Ladies and Men of The World RPS Officiary.

The few. The Proud. The Ladies and Men of The World RPS Officiary.


They are the conductors of “The Dance of Hands”. They are the thin line between a World Championships of professional sports – and anarchy. They are the only referee core to be called “The best in pro sports, anywhere” by Tom Arnold on Fox Sports Net. They are the Women and Men of the World RPS Society Officiary. And once a year they gather in Toronto to officiate over the crown jewel of professional Rock Paper Scissors – the World Championships.

For the 2009 event there are an extremely limited amounts of spaces available to give amateur RPS referees with dreams of “the big leagues” a chance to get their I-class RPS referee license and preside at the world championships. If you think you have a will of iron, the eyes of an eagle, and the wisdom of solomon – and a passion to apply them in the service of the oldest and most widely played competitive sport in the world, and with potentially $10,000 on the line, you might just have what it takes to join the ranks of the professional Rock Paper Scissors Referee.

Requirements: Prospective Referees should be familiar with the WRPS Rules of Play, will be expected to attend a 90 minute training session the week prior to the event, and an orientation the night of the event and actively referee for 3 to 4 hours  at the Saturday November 14th World Championships. Referees must be a minimum of 19 years of age.

What else is in it for you: the prestige of officiating at a World Championship event, an I-class referee license, and whatever perks the society is able to scrounge up from time to time.

To apply, please e-mail bfox@worldrps.com with your answers to the following questions:


1. Your name, e-mail address, and daytime phone number.

2. What refereeing experience do you have (RPS or otherwise)?

3. Why do you feel you would make a good RPS referee?

4. One of your players has just thrown “dynamite”. What do you do?

5. Your players are not simultaneously delivering their throws. What do you do?

Please note that due to the very small number of available rookie positions, WRPS may only be able to reply to selected applicants.

Applications will be evaluated in the order they are received and this “application window” may be closed at any time with no advance notice.

Thanks for your interest in the Referee corps, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2009 Yahoo! World Rock Paper Scissors Championships!

Participants Needed for Rock Paper Scissors Research

  • Have you ever played Rock Papers Scissors?
  • Have you ever taken it to the next level and competed in Rock Paper Scissors?
  • Have you ever been to the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships or any other higher level Rock Paper Scissors competition?

If you have said ‘yes’ to any of the above, I would like to hear from you. I am a graduate student in the department of Sociology at the University of Calgary, and I am doing research on the ‘sport’ of competitive Rock Paper Scissors and the people who are involved with or compete in such events.
I am seeking participants to take part in a one-on-one interview. The interviews are informal and will last approximately one hour. Your identity and any information you provide will remain both anonymous and confidential. If you would like more information on the research project, or would like to participate, please contact RPS Study

Tossers on DVD!


After garnering critical acclaim at numerous film festivals around the world, Mullen and Doiron, distributed Tosser in theatres across Canada in March 2008.  Mullen and Doiron accompanied their film across the country, dressed up in character and held impromptu rock, paper, scissors contests along the way. The audience buzz and impressive media attention surrounding the release caught the eye of Alliance Films home video exec, Adrian Love and Naveen Prasad, VP of Televsion/On-line, who picked up the film with hopes of continuing the film’s successful Canadian run in ancillary windows.

“Tosser is a film that epitomizes the best of the comedy genre and is destined to become a cult classic,” said Prasad

Rock, Paper Scissors: The Way of the Tosser has garnered a loyal audience and repeat viewings, with its quotable quotes and a quirky comic style.  Tosser is like “Flight of the Conchords” meets “FUBAR” and has “much in common with the work of Christopher Guest.” (Sneersnipe, UK)
The DVD offers fans a bevy of bonus features including:  The “Cult Tour” featurette, the “Making of” Tosser, interviews with the filmmakers, the “Rock, Paper, Life” rap music video, A Tossin’ Tutorial with Gary and Holly, bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes and much more!

The success of Tosser has propelled Mullen and Doiron towards their second feature film “GravyTrain”. 

             We cannot thank the World RPS Society enough and all you RPS players out there for your constant support. 
Rock, Paper, Life Baby !!!

Austrailan Champion crowned

 Play is now complete in the 5th annual 2009 'Australian Open Rock Paper Scissors Championships' (ARPSC).  

After months of gruelling & mind numbing competition only one player would concur this war of attrition and inturn claim the prestigious title & take home the major prize of a trip to Canada to attend & compete in 8th annual 2009 World RPS Championships (WRPSC) in Toronto, 14th November.

Michael Stewart aka 'Senior Mick' a 40 year old motor vehicle salesman from Brisbane, QLD took out the Grand Final on Saturday 1st of August on the Gold Coast, QLD. Second place went to Cassie Freriechs aka 'Kickass Cassie' from NSW with Kat Hitchings aka Kat Power from New Zealand taking out third place. The tension in the main arena the players battled for the title was extremely intense and was only matched by the very vocal & appreciative crowd.  

Preparation is already underway for the 2010 'ARPSC'.  Players, coaches and trainers are now encouraged to hone their skills in the off season in order to put their best hand forward for the 2010 series.

For further 'ARPSC' & World Champs details & other essential RPS info,
please visit: www.rpsaustralia.com

Psst! World Championship Whispers

 Lot's of email has been coming to the World RPS offices asking/begging/demanding information about the 2009 World RPS Championship event. Now, we can't completely confirm things at the moment as we have some details to take care of, but all we can say is don't make any plans for November 14 2009, unless they are about getting you on a plane to Toronto…if you know what we mean.

Things are coming together and we will make thing offical just as soon as we can. 

Australia Championship Update


Play in the 5th Annual 2009 ‘Australian Rock Paper Scissors Championships’ (ARPSC) is coming to a close with only the 2009 Australian Qualifying Round remaining.

AUSTRALIAN Qualifying Round & Australian Open Grand Final.  Sat 01/8/2009.  ‘Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern’, Main Beach, Gold Coast.  PH: 07 5571 0566.
Australian Qualifying Round: Player (18 years+ & AUST citizen) registration onsite at venue from 6.00pm – play begins at 7.00pm. Competition and venue entry is free.
Limited entries available – first in best dressed.  Players are encouraged to enter a team, themed if desired, or just fly solo
Top placegetters from qualifying round join State/Territory/NZ champions in the Main Event / Australian Open Grand Final (9.30pm approx) to decide the overall champion for 2009.


Please visit web site for full details and to view 2009 State/Territory/NZ champ’s player profiles;
www.rpsaustralia.com   OR www.airguitaraustralia.com
Along with the wealth of fame & admiration from RPS peers that comes from taking the prestigious title, some great prizes are up for grabs as well including trips to the National Final for State/Territory Champs, &, the major prize of an overseas Trip for one to Toronto, Canada for the Champion to attend and compete in the 8th annual 2009 World RPS Championships & vie for the title & the CA$H prize pool.