Worldrps at Womma


We are honoured to announce that Doug Walker of the World RPS Society will be speaking at the  World of Mouth Marketing Summit in Washington on Tuesday , December  12th. on the viral success of the WRPSS which includes a special RPS Networking event.

Here is the write -up from their website

Douglas Walker is an Interactive Strategist at ad agency TBWA\ Toronto, but in the off hours he is also the Managing Director of the World Rock Paper Scissors Society and the co-author of "The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide".

The World Rock Paper Scissors Society ( and RPS World Championships have been an extraordinarily successful experiment in viral/Word of mouth communications. Without ever using traditional media it has been a massive communications success leading to hundreds of interviews with top-tier media (Today Show, Conan OBrien, New York Times, Front page of Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, BBC, Boston Globe, NPR, etc.), a one-hour special on Fox Sports Net, a book deal with Simon & Schuster and a feature-length documentary. The RPS experiment illustrates many of the ideals of new marketing and social media (participation, storytelling, authenticity, attention, etc.) and shows how a couple of guys with some talent and creativity can garner the attention of the world.

The networking event will feature a 15 minute presentation where you will learn the key success factor: continuous mutation of an idea to keep WOM flourishing. Presentation is followed by a lively Rock Paper Scissors networking competition where all attendees will get a chance to meet, greet and defeat their fellow attendees.